Tuesday, December 7, 2010

salam maal hijrah (◕‿◕✿)

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Satu Muharram Detik Permulaan
Perkiraan Tahun Islam Hijrah
Perpindahan Nabi dan Umat Islam
Dari Kota Makkah ke Kota Madinah

Atas Keyakinan dan Iman Yang Teguh
Kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar Bersatu
Rela Berkorban Harta dan Nyawa
Demi Menegakkan Islam Tercinta

Hijrah Itu Pengorbanan
Hijrah Itu Perjuangan
Hijrah Itu Persaudaraan
Hijrah Membentuk Perpaduan

Oleh Itu Mari Semua
Kita Sambut Maal Hijrah
Tingkatkan Semangat Tegakkan Syiar Islam

Untuk Sepanjang Zaman  

Monday, December 6, 2010

my 2nd blog ♥♥♥

please welcome to my new blog http://shafinamisbah88.blogspot.com/
my 1st blog still remain use by me :) ♥♥♥

hOw tO reach an audience thrOugh blOgging ???

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now blogging such an routine ..... so many kinds of blog that we can find out  .....  that's a trillion of blogs out there ... and there's must be have  the best blog that u will be  find … no wonder  some blog has awarded with the best blog ... and through blogging, blogger can be famous and also can be a billionaire .. wOw

hOw tO attract mOre peOple tO yOur blOg ?? 

i think firstly we must have a great and powerful and also bombastic title of post. so other people feel interesting and also to grab the attention of  reader to read our post 

1st impression is the best and everyone like to see beautiful things, so decorate and design your blog pretty enough. Put on the smart layout, template and cute widget on your blog. Such as hit counter, calendar, digital clock, your photos. So the reader feel the attraction,

We also must have great and useful content that can be use and can help other people out there. Such as post something about your experience during work, your favourite things, your interest and also your reviews about movies and books ... sharing is caring right!!!

Make it fun on your blog by put games, songs or video clips.... let's make our reader or audience have fun with our blog

make a easy link to subscribe your blog, put a link of your blog at your Facebook profile and Tweeter, where your friend can get into your blog easily

also leave a best and intelligent comment on other blogs, so the other blogger will get attention and appreciate about your comment . You also give direction to them to visit your blog (your name becomes a link to your blog when you complete the comment form), it will help drive traffic to your blog

blog consistently .... make a plan to create a two or three post in a week if u can . The number will increase time by time.

don’t give up during blogging , for the new blogger it will happen when you post something on your blog and there’s no one response to it or leave some comment  … don’t worry ok … just wait and see ok

Sunday, December 5, 2010

can you keep secret ?

i think everyone have their own secrets yang terpendam dalam diri diaorg..... 
and i thought maybe somebody do not have any secret in their life ... maybee...
i write this post , because currently i read the book with the title Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella ... hehe just reached at page 116   

this book is very fabulous for me ... i cannot wait to read the end .. 
i was so slow reader  because i put  a great feeling on every single page i read  ...
(because when i read in my bed, my eyes close early compare to usual) hehe

every second i read this book, i always find out my old secret that i have before this ...  
either big secret or little tiny secret  ..... positive secret or negative secret
for me, when it become secret, no one's can know... ssshhhhhh 
but sometimes we going to tell someone about our secret, did u ??? 
just like me, tetbe mulut ni gatal nk bgtaw org laen, 
and then we want them to keep that secret and dont tell anyone
that the way SECRET all about

Saturday, December 4, 2010

wOw UniRazak ! ! !

hye guys ...
1st Disember 2010
now UniRazak become as my 2nd university after UKM
my 1st impression about UniRazak campus:
  • it is very impressive and luxuries building even it was a small building
  • i'm feeling very happy and very excited to enter this building
  • in this building is fully air conditioned ... very cool...
  • and we also can get a latest newpaper for free ... hehehe
  • all the facilities was in great condition also great environment ... such like 1st world class ... also the food .. nyummyy nyummmy huhu
that's all for now dadadada......

Thursday, December 2, 2010

BesT programme ♥♥♥

hye guys ♥♥♥

start of this day, i'm going to start post a new things that happen in my life recently ♥
and it is the BesT ( biotechnology entrepeneur special training)programme
this programme is under Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation.

for now i'm doing a blogging 101 session , that we were required to have atleast 1 blog, and must to post a something new that happened in this programme .... that's all for now ... bubye2