Sunday, December 5, 2010

can you keep secret ?

i think everyone have their own secrets yang terpendam dalam diri diaorg..... 
and i thought maybe somebody do not have any secret in their life ... maybee...
i write this post , because currently i read the book with the title Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella ... hehe just reached at page 116   

this book is very fabulous for me ... i cannot wait to read the end .. 
i was so slow reader  because i put  a great feeling on every single page i read  ...
(because when i read in my bed, my eyes close early compare to usual) hehe

every second i read this book, i always find out my old secret that i have before this ...  
either big secret or little tiny secret  ..... positive secret or negative secret
for me, when it become secret, no one's can know... ssshhhhhh 
but sometimes we going to tell someone about our secret, did u ??? 
just like me, tetbe mulut ni gatal nk bgtaw org laen, 
and then we want them to keep that secret and dont tell anyone
that the way SECRET all about

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